Branding Design Program for Chorizo

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Chorizo rebrand provides deeper meaning and relevance, successfully positioning the brand for strong franchise growth in the Mexican Fast-Casual category.

Frank DeMedeiros opened Chorizo Mexican Grill after a trip to Mexico showed him that there was more to Mexican food than sombreros and salsa. After spending weeks learning the trade from local chefs, Frank brought his formula for success home to Canada and Chorizo Mexican Grill was born.

Chorizo is a Mexican-inspired concept, using the freshest ingredients to make their salsas (every morning!), and grilling meat when ordered – nothing is ever frozen or microwaved. Although he had the food locked down, Frank was unsure of how to properly position Chorizo in the market to attract his target demographic. Furthermore, Frank had built Chorizo’s loyal customer base one relationship at a time, and his system worked because he was there to make it work. That’s fine for a one-off, but Frank wanted to share Chorizo with a broader customer base by expanding his operations to additional stores, and possibly even franchising out beyond that. Chorizo needed a prototype, and a set of brand guidelines that would allow future stores to be built off of his successful model.

Jump began by refining the Chorizo logo to give it a proprietary treatment with a more contemporary font that is Mexican-inspired, not Mexican. We then worked with Chorizo to develop a retail concept that made the grill a feature of the space, providing seating around it to highlight the theatre of this area. Some of the retail design features we developed include a new branded magnetic-panel menu system that easily allows for changes, a brand wall behind the staff preparation area (which is in full view of the customer), branded product packaging, branded and proprietary washroom signs and large drop bulkhead over the seating area with brand graphics. Promotional materials developed included a humorous Mexican-inspired poster series to extend the brand, employee t-shirts with humorous slogans that could also be sold and would appeal to a youth demographic as quirky, stylish apparel to wear outside of the store as brand ambassadors, a loyalty card design for the new Chorizo loyalty program, and a branded website that deepens the brand through animation and facilitates communication through a CMS. We also helped Chorizo to develop their brand voice, by creating language around the scale and share-ability of their product.

Profits at the original Chorizo have steadily grown since the implementation of the new retail design program. The new store opened in Oakville early in 2008 and is showing consistent growth. Jump continues to work with Chorizo to develop the brand, and to prepare for future brand growth.

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