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Jump delivers Yum! a Global Image for Pizza Hut

Early in 2007, Yum! Restaurants International engaged Jump to work with them to create global alignment and a new design image for their Pizza Hut asset base. As an international brand with thousands of restaurants around the world, managing the brand at the individual restaurant design level is an enormous task that requires understanding, cooperation, and a strict, but flexible set of guidelines that defines the Pizza Hut image moving forward, yet provides latitude for regional variation and influence.

Working closely with the corporate teams out of Kentucky and Dallas, and in consultation with regional managers on 5 different continents, Jump worked first to understand and discover challenges and successes within the current asset base. Researching the existing assets uncovered wide regional differences in approach, interpretation, and execution, and allowed us to craft identifiable and reachable objectives for all parties within the new program. Defining current best practices on both the exterior and interior of the design image while flushing out regional concerns arrived at a set of guidelines for the new asset image that accommodated regional variances.

After exploring conceptual work on the restaurant exterior, we shifted our focus to exploring design options for the interior of the restaurant, creating multiple tiers with different materials and finishes based on regional demand. We also developed artwork packages for each tier, utilizing existing artwork where appropriate and developing new artwork more appropriate to the new design image.

The new global Pizza Hut design program was well-received at both the corporate and regional levels. It is currently rolling out internationally.

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