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Flying Solo with Innovative Kiosk Design for Bell Mobility.

Solo is Bell’s value-offering within their mobile portfolio offering the lowest rates to an urban audience. In autumn 2007, Bell Mobility embarked upon an exercise to redesign the retail portion of their Solo Mobile brand.

Existing Solo stores and kiosks had a dated feel that did not reflect the hip and edgy style of their advertising and were predominantly black which was uninviting and alienated the female consumer. The project entailed redesigning the look and feel of their kiosk and in-line mall stores to better showcase the handsets and elevate the perception of brand quality.

Bell approached Jump Branding Design Inc. to demonstrate our creative capabilities and our vision for the Solo brand at retail. We provided an in-depth audit of existing Solo assets and immersed ourselves in the brand to fully assess the complete spectrum of branding opportunities. The concepts put forward featured a combination of sleek lines and contemporary finishes contrasted by natural stone and wood elements. Splashes of orange LED lighting were used to bring the concept to life and display areas were partitioned to bring an intimacy to the sales interaction. To deepen the brand, we designed a stylized urban wall mural for use in-store and collateral materials including a matching shopping bag that acts as an ambassador for the brand.

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