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YUM! enlists Jump to create a Pizza Hut pickup delivery platform for multiple international markets that boldly delivers value and speed.

Launched by Yum! Restaurants International in 2006, PHD is a value pizza pickup and delivery platform by Pizza Hut that is present in several international markets.

Jump has worked in partnership with Yum! RI since the launch of PHD to assist in the development of both the brand and the retail environments. Working with small front-of-house footprints, we develop the retail space planning for an optimal customer experience, creating key graphic messaging at all consumer touchpoints. We worked to integrate the Running Man iconic photography into both the interior and exterior signage programs, retouching that high-resolution image for exterior applications up to 4 storeys tall. We developed multiple floorplan configurations for different footprints, accommodating separate delivery doors in the front of house and call-centre stations at the front counter. We developed a finish package dominated by shiny metallic finishes, expansive red colour blocking, speed lines throughout the space, and transparency into the back of house through the use of glass at the prep table. As part of the Hot and Fast delivery program we suggested edgy, youthful ways to kill wait time with web surfing, interactive media, and ipod media control stations. We have designed packaging for pizza boxes, leaflets for direct mail, exterior signage, uniforms, vehicles, menu boards, counter menus, website templates for regional rollout, advertising and billboards. We developed a new product logo for the CHZ-360 promotion, including the box design, leaflet, and box topper to support the launch of this new product line. To support regional design teams in other parts of the world, we created a comprehensive 100 page field guide with print-ready artwork and CAD files for fast and efficient rollout of the design program. Last, to support the PHD online initiative, we created design templates and translated these to HTML pages, including all of these with a 150-page guide dictating the proper and improper use of the brand online.

Launched in 2006 in Beruit, Lebanon, PHD by Pizza Hut has quickly grown to become a significant player in several international markets, with more than 50 stores in 11 different countries. We expect to continue to help Yum! RI expand this footprint by maintaining a strong brand image guideline and further supporting the development of necessary global materials for regional use.

“Each market has presented unique challenges that Jump has helped us to manage through their methodology and understanding of our brand”.

Patrick Taillat, Makreting Manager, YUM! Restaurants International

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