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Dubai Mall Features First Taco Bell in the Middle East

Taco Bell is a global quick serve restaurant that serves Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, burritos, signature Quesadillas, Grilled Stuft Burritos, nachos, and other specialty and value items. Taco Bell serves more than 2 billion customers each year in more than 5800 stores in the US. Internationally, there are more than 270 Taco Bell restaurants in many countries around the world. In November 2008, Taco Bell opened its first franchise in the Middle East, in the recently opened Dubai Mall.

Yum! Restaurants International retained Jump to help with the design of the menu for the flagship Dubai Mall location. In an environment where a large portion of their potential consumer base is unfamiliar with their brand and product line, it was important to introduce the products visually to the consumer on the menu panels. Existing menus featured smaller visuals of menu items, and Jump reorganized the content of the menus in order to increase the size of the food graphics on each panel. This was achieved in spite of the requirement of including not only English but Arabic descriptions of all menu items, reducing the number of menu panels from 7 to 5, and working with the understanding that local franchisees would need the ability to quickly and easily adjust pricing and product descriptions without redesigning the menu.

The resulting panels feature food products that can attract consumers from a distance with their bright colours, appetizing food photography and ordered layout. The flagship location opened on November 4, 2008 to rave reviews from consumers. Despite opening in a Dubai Mall that is less than 20% complete, Yum! RI representative Ajay Pahwa communicated on opening day that the restaurant had “opened a few hours ago and since then we have (had) non stop queues more than 10 deep. (Consumer) feedback has been awesome!”. Since opening, product sales have been higher than projected.

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