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A Focus on quality and freshness is the key to Jump’s new menu design for Pizza Hut Canada.

YUM! Canada, the parent company of Pizza Hut Canada, was looking to redesign their table and takeout menus. Their existing menus utilized large blocks of primary colours and juvenile typefaces which communicated value and fun but not quality. With the restaurant looking to elevate their dining experience they needed to improve the menus to generate appetite appeal and create anticipation. To add to the challenge it needed to be done in a cost-effective manner.

YUM! Canada partnered with Jump to find a solution. We chose to keep the existing menu folder format to minimize costs but began to restructure the layout to read in a more logical and engaging order. The Kids menu offerings were moved out of the main menu to keep the focus on quality. We used the inside flaps to separate the communication of the appetizers and drinks and moved the lunch buffet options to the back cover to avoid confusion. On the front cover we replaced the nostalgic images with shots of fresh ingredients to convey a message of freshness and health. Once fully opened the menu is a multi-page billboard of pizza, pastas, sandwiches and salads. Jump shot all photography for these items and styled them in a more sophisticated way to evoke a natural and healthy feeling. By using contemporary, light fonts against a white backdrop we were able to create a light, fresh feel to the menu. A romantic story of the dough-making process and elegant descriptions of the food brought warmth to the layout, celebrating Pizza Hut’s passion for food and cooking.

The final menu design was then adapted to a reduced offering format as well as a hand-held and wall-mounted take-out menu. Overall, Jump created a menu system that was aligned with Pizza Hut Canada’s brand vision, conveying a much improved sense of quality and freshness. We continue to work with YUM! Canada to update this menu and add new products as needed.

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