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Jump creates multi-tiered brand identities and packaging for Maleta Winery with distinct branded looks that speak directly to category-specific consumers.

Maleta Winery, a small Niagara winery, came to Jump in 2004 with legacy beverage packaging design from a previous owner that embodied his passion for vintage automobiles but lacked relevance and credibility with consumers. Their quality wine offering is stratified into three tiers based on pricing. Maleta solicited Jump to create a distinct and memorable brand name, logo and beverage packaging design within each tier.

After auditing their winery, existing brand, competitors, and global beverage packaging design trends we decided on a strategy that would brand the wine, not the winery. Instead of developing a homogeneous design to create a family of wines we developed a unique brand for each tier that spoke directly to the target consumer in that price range. The entry-level wine, Grape Brain, is targeted at a consumer looking for a quality wine that will make an impression, and became an instant celebrity with its light-hearted approachability. The mid-tier offering, View, brought more sophistication but remained accessible. Meritage, the premium tier wine, took on a look of sophistication that spoke of its refined quality.

Each of the tiers has proven successful and have helped to put Maleta on the map. Both Grape Brain and Meritage are now available at the LCBO, and Grape Brain has become so popular that the brand has transcended the reputation of the winery itself. The success of these beverage packaging designs caused Maleta to engage Jump once more in 2006 to design a brand for their newest addition, First Frost Last Grape, an award-winning icewine.


    • Name/Brand Generation (for all 4 wine brands)
    • Beverage Packaging Design
    • Print Advertising
    • Promotional Materials
“Jump developed distinct category brands that were a fresh approach to Canadian wine packaging. The Grape Brain brand in particular has been so successful in its recognition, that we now use it as a key identifier of our winery”.

Daniel Pambianchi, Owner, Maleta Winery

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