Le Bon Croissant Product Grocery Packaging Design

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For a wider retail market, Jump bakes up a gourmet packaging redesign for Le Bon Croissant.

For 20 years, Le Bon Croissant has manufactured and distributed its bakery products to customers across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and the Far East. Le Bon Croissant has successfully provided food service operators, food distributors and private-label retailers with consistent quality in large volumes for decades.

Le Bon Croissant had been selling primarily through private label retailers, but with the introduction of the Walmart Superstores in the GTA they had the opportunity to put their Garlic Bread and Garlic Toast on shelf under their brand name. They had existing packaging, but it was dated and lacked appetite appeal, and the retailer insisted on a refresh in order to make the product competitive. Their existing brand felt more like an import than a French-inspired North American product.

We began by auditing the Le Bon Croissant bakery and brand, touring the bakery in order to learn more about their processes and why they believed their bakery produced a superior product to their competitors. Contrary to what we might have imagined, our audit of the Walmart Superstore revealed a commitment to elevating their product offering to compete at a more premium level. The new Le Bon Croissant logo is representative of a premium sealing label, giving all of their packaged products an old-world, quality, rich, authentic feel. The two Garlic Bread/Garlic Toast skus that we developed use a rich green colour that is in line with category standards, and the entire design was predicated upon the possible future development of a program that would maintain consistency across any products they might choose to package under the Le Bon Croissant brand. The product was photographed under our direction to be the ‘hero’ and to showcase the real pieces of garlic on the bread, adding ‘real’ and ‘fresh’ cues.

The packaging graphics now give the Le Bon Croissant Garlic Bread and Garlic Toast a premium, domestic product feel. “Jump took the time and did the work necessary to learn not only about us, but also about our place in a very busy industry”, said Catherine Creally of Le Bon Croissant. “Once we saw that commitment, we trusted them completely and I’m so glad we did — we were thrilled with the results. Sales of the re-designed product have increased, so I would say with confidence that they helped us reach our business goals as well as our branding objectives.”

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