Katadyn Klean Health & Beauty Packaging Design

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Katadyn is a global market leader in individualized water purification systems. For over 75 years Katadyn has been developing water filters and mobile desalinators for travel and marine applications. Their name has become synonymous with quality and purity in the outdoor equipment market.

In 2007, Katadyn saw an opportunity to extend the Katadyn brand offering to an Alcohol-free, foaming hand sanitizer. Sold in a small 30ml portable format, the eco-friendly product was deemed to be a good fit with the core Katadyn consumer who has a need for hand-sanitizing in the rugged outdoors.

Katadyn approached Jump Branding & Design Inc. to design a package that would convey the nature of their product and fit with the utilitarian graphic style of their other products. We explored a wide range of wordmarks and packages for the 30ml bottle and landed on a PSL (pressure-sensitive label) design that features subtle bubble-like graphics behind a bold and simple communication of the sub-brand and product descriptor. Overall, the result is a premium package that evokes cleanliness. This design was then rolled out into a predominantly blue 12-pack POP carton for impulse purchases at the cash register.

Katadyn Klean Foaming Hand Sanitizer hit the market in 2007 and has been performing above initial sales expectations.



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