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Cirque Sublime, a circus arts performance group from Toronto, has been thrilling audiences with their special blend of gymnastic athleticism and circus artistry since 1997. Cirque Sublime needed a website that would embody their brand in order to promote their shows and appearances. In keeping with the theatrical beauty of their performances, Jump developed a site for them that provides visitors with a sense of the experience of attending their shows. The moody, organic and illustrative nature of the site is a reflection of the artistic nature of circus arts, and in particular the dramatic appeal of Cirque Sublime. Subtle animations wash over the site, building anticipation and revealing the grace and allure of the Cirque Sublime presentation.

Functionally, the site features an events listing that provides details about each performance, and how to purchase tickets for their shows. Performers are featured, demonstrating the diversity or the group, and offering insight into the lives and personalities of each performer. A gallery of photos immerses the visitor into the Cirque Sublime experience, and a Media section features articles about the group. Finally, a form allows potential clients to contact Cirque Sublime and request them to perform at their corporate events.

The Cirque Sublime website design and development program included brand development, website graphic interface design, website development, and Flash animation. The site was launched in the summer of 2006.

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