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All Lime, No Lemons for Sustainable Social Networking Website

Five Limes is an online community that is predicated upon sharing information about socially responsible and environmentally friendly products.

Once we had established the brand identity of Five Limes, it fell upon us next to design a temporary page that would explain the concept to early site visitors and incite them to return after the launch of the site. The temporary page featured a RSS and blog sign up, so that interested parties could stay abreast of what was happening with the new start-up, and also featured some interesting interactive information about how much carbon could be offset and how many dollars in fuel could be saved by a variable number of drivers choosing a hybrid over more traditional automobile choices. Visitors could slide the number of people scale from 1 to 1 million and see exactly what kind of an impact their purchasing choices could make on the environment.

After the temporary page launch, we assisted in the development of many of the graphic elements used on the social networking site. We designed proprietary icons that extend the Five Limes brand and provide visual navigation. We created promotional graphics that were designed to target merchants looking to provide their services through the Five Limes sustainable product directory. We also created promotional graphics to entice early adopters to sign-up and create their profile prior to the official launch of the site.

The Five Limes site garnered significant attention in social networking circles, and was sold in 2007 for an undisclosed amount.



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