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As part of the Yogen Früz rebrand program, Jump designed the Yogen Früz website to engage their core consumer base and elevate consumer perception of the new brand. In addition, it was important for the site to communicate information about their product offering, indicate store locations, and solicit requests from potential franchisees, all of which needed to be manageable by the team at Yogen Früz.

Using an open source content management system as the platform, Jump developed the site to accommodate both form and function. Controlling the layout with CSS, we developed captivating animation sequences for the homepage, as well as each of the product pages on the site. We integrated third-party social networking applications in order to extend the reach of the Yogen Früz online presence, as well as integrating a newsletter sign up, store locator, and franchisee request form.

Post-launch we have continued to work with the team from Yogen Früz to improve the site, adding multi-site functionality for their international franchisees, seasonal animations, product promotions, gift card program launch and promotion, and improved site performance by transitioning to Jump web hosting.

The Yogen Früz site has been recognized by the Canadian Franchise Association with a 2009 Gold Frankie Award in the internet category (view our post here). Traffic has almost tripled in the months after the new site was launched.

In 2013, Jump revamped the Yogen Früz site once more to bring all brand content and information into one easily navigable location. The use of a contemporary, grid design and bright colour scheme modernizes the brand image online. Following the same light visual treatment as before, the website conforms harmoniously with the core guilt-free brand message. New graphics modernize the site and capture the appetite appeal with close croppings of the fresh fruit toppings and condiments.

The refresh further includes partially responsive homepage and menu page designs that adapt to varying screen sizes, allowing accessibility on mobile and tablet devices. The new site also communicates store locations, menu items, Yogen Früz U-Rewards program and franchise opportunities, which are all essential to the 1,300 unit strong brand.

Yogen Früz has always been focused on interacting with the communities in which they operate, which was important to capture in the new site architecture. The homepage offers portals into the latest on their social media platforms, promoting brand engagement across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and providing a content hub for all the brand’s online content. The feeds automatically refresh to showcase the latest posts, constantly keeping viewers engaged.

The latest flavours, promotions, and community activities also update constantly to keep up on the latest with Yogen Früz. The addition of a testimonial section offers a customized showcase of personal success stories of members of the Yogen Früz family.

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