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Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is a prominent retail destination for cookware, bakeware, BBQ’s and small appliances. Their entry level brand, Master Chef, has been providing consumers with the basic tools to cook indoors and outdoors for many years. It has become a well-known opening price point brand in their portfolio.

The previous brand styling featured an Asian-inspired script wordmark with packaging that failed to instill confidence in the product quality. Jump was enlisted to refresh the brand to make it more contemporary and appealing but still have it fit an entry level positioning.

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Retail Packaging

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2018 — Davey Awards (Silver Award)

Canadian Tire

Jump first set about re-designing the Master Chef logo. The final iteration featured a clean, san serif font execution with customized lettering on the ‘h’ and ‘f’ of ‘Chef’ that resemble the point of a knife. This subtle detailing connects the brand to the kitchen or BBQ category and gives is a proprietary look. 

Canadian Tire

For the packaging, Jump developed a tri-tone design with a unique red corner panel treatment that features the product in use or food that is commonly associated to the product, from a top-down perspective. This is intended to ensure consumers understand the product use and provide inspiration for what they can do with it. On boxed products, it wraps around the corner of the package so that it has presence on both the front and the side panels. The product images are shot on a white wood background to provide a fresh  look and to anchor the items in the space, while the charcoal grey top panels deliver a contrasting look complete with category-specific iconology. Together the three elements make a cohesive and distinct package design which appeals to the value conscious consumer.

Canadian TireCanadian Tire

The new look for Master Chef was rolled out to a wide range of products and now is a prevalent brand in stores across the country. It is a vastly improved brand and packaging presentation for Canadian Tire’s good-level kitchen and BBQ label.

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