Hello friends. 2020 wasn’t the year we had hoped for, to say the least!

We closed our studio and asked our team to work from home in order to keep everyone safe. And inadvertently, this has created the perfect conditions for some of the best work we’ve seen since starting Jump. Our hospitality and retail clients have had a particularly hard time this year, and we appreciate their continued partnership as we look to take care of each other, and look to the future with hope. And while we crave connection, we’ve made do with 9 months of video calls that make the movie Groundhog Day seem like a piece of cake. And though our fondness for video calls has dwindled, it has given us that connection, and a glimpse into everyone’s homes and lives – and is the perfect medium for our year apart. Please enjoy responsibly.

See you on the other side in 2021!

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The work that you have done on our menu, our promotional material, our testing platforms, and everything else in between, is unprecedented. We have found a new voice and you continue to activate it, making it better, with each passing promotion. It is amazing to witness this brand evolution.

Lindsay Robinson, Director of Marketing, Swiss Chalet

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