It’s always fun and games


Outbound is a prominent brand of private label outdoor activity products at Canadian Tire. Jump was engaged to develop the look and feel for their ‘backyard fun’ line of products which includes items such as lawn games, pool toys and goggles. One of the challenges Jump faced with the packaging was how to effectively showcase ‘lifestyle’ imagery with the product in use as well as ‘static’ photography of the package contents.

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The final design features an overhead image of the package contents on either a grass or water background, along with an image of families playing the games or utilizing the products in a fun and active style. The design has the face panel split into two sections where one half focuses on the brand, the product name and the lifestyle image, and the other half features the box contents. It is an effective way of integrating the two image objectives that allows for flexibility in application to the wide variety of products.


The top panels of the packaging carry the strong orange colour behind an icon pattern of the various activities that the sub-line supports. Overall it is a clean and contemporary execution that elevates the brand over many of the smaller brand names in the category. The packaging can be found in Canadian Tire stores across the country.