Parents for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH) unveils their new Jump-designed logo

06, Nov. 2012

Parents for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH) has just unveiled their new logo designed by Jump. A non-profit, Ontario-based organization, PCMH is dedicated to raising awareness for families who face the daily challenges of child and youth mental health issues.

The new logo is designed to represent a child’s depiction of an elephant, symbolically underscoring an ‘elephant in the room’. This serves as a metaphor for child and youth mental health issues and the associated stigmas that prevent people from addressing their problems – consequently preventing the work and conversations that need to happen.

The elephant is also a symbol of strength, patience and responsibility, expressing an advanced sensitivity and social connectivity that perfectly ties-in with the essence of the PCMH network. The shape of the logo is further designed to depict a parachute, representative of difficult situations, such as dealing with mental health issues, people wish to overcome.

All together, the new logo showcases PCMH’s continued work towards the issues of child and youth mental illness, bringing attention to the ‘elephant in the room’ and the corresponding problems that need to be addressed. The parachute motif meanwhile speaks to the safe haven for families PCMH fosters in supporting them through the journey they all face.

For more information on the amazing work of Parents for Children’s Mental Health and ways to get involved see their website. Looking for more logo originals? Jump on over to our identity design for The University of Toronto Centre for Ethics.