Simple ways to “green” your renovation

18, Jun. 2012

Renovating? Here are some simple ways to renovate eco-responsibly:

  1. Specify low-V.O.C. finishes like paints, coatings, or any adhesives that will be used throughout.
  2. Get rid of those old faucets and toilets – they use so much water it’s like watching your money go down the drain.  Specify faucets with aerators and low-flow toilets – they’re available everywhere!
  3. Retrofit your lights with either full fixture replacement with LED fixtures or existing fixtures with LED lamps. They last substantially longer than other light sources and will save you money in operating costs and maintenance – make sure you specify good quality ones because it is NOT comparing apples to apples.
  4. Refinish existing furniture or millwork where possible. Typically these are manufactured to last so re-skinning or re-painting them will make them look brand new!
  5. Recycle any demolition and packaging that you can. There is no need for it to all go in the landfill if it can be recycled or reused elsewhere. It doesn’t take longer to do, just make a conscious effort to sort your waste into separate bins as it goes out.


See an example of a recent South St. Burger Co. renovation using these methods.