Rethinking Rubber: A new perspective on sustainable flooring

23, May. 2012

What comes to mind when you think of rubber flooring? Sports facilities? Unpleasant odours? Unattractive designs? For many years this was the truth, but after meeting with a sales rep from Dinoflex last week my judgment towards rubber flooring has drastically changed.

Dinoflex has been committed to eco-friendly practices for over 20 years now but it wasn’t until the green trend became popular that they started advertising their dedication and responsibility towards the environment to their clients. Dinoflex is a Canadian company located in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. They manufacture a variety of high quality recycled rubber flooring products for use in many applications. However this wasn’t always the case. Dinoflex originally only catered rubber flooring to sports facilities as their designs were basic with mainly a black appearance.  As their clientele grew and the push of green products significantly took over the design community, it was in Dinoflex’s best interest to re-create their product to support a wider variety of applications.  The two major concerns were the odour of rubber flooring in commercial applications and the lack of variety in colours and patterns.  The odour was never an issue for Dinoflex as their rubber flooring is almost odourless due to the use of high quality products and their strict manufacturing process.  Over the past couple of years they experimented with different colours and patterns of rubber flooring and created a survey to designers – North American Wide.  This resulted in a full new line of colours and patterns.  With these new colours they now cater to commercial and educational institutes, sports facilities, playgrounds and retail applications. They even reuse their rubber flooring to create flooring for exterior use – landscaping, rooftop & patio surfacing and playground surfacing.

The retail team at Jump was surprisingly impressed with the variety of colours, patterns and durability of the product, (not to mentioned relieved over its odourless smell), and hope to specify this rubber flooring in more than just back of house areas. For more information visit their website: