Tonica’s Kombucha featured as must-have restorative beverage on Breakfast Television

23, May. 2012

Known for centuries as the “Exiler of Long Life” in much of the eastern world, the healing and restorative health benefits of kombucha have recently made it a must-have for North Americans focused on healthy living.

The Tonica brand of flavoured kombucha beverages has remained pure to the raw benefits of the brew, keeping their blends unpasturized, low in sugar, and high in beneficial bacterias. Their sparkling organic beverages have been heralded for packing a huge volume of liver cleansing acids and digesting aiding enzymes.

Jump was brought on to create packaging that emphasized the brand’s organic ingredients,  healing capacities, and Canada Organic certification. The labeling speaks to the Asian influences that mark the origins of the anti-oxidizing refreshment and its all natural principles.

Breakfast Television recently featured health expert Joy McCarthy in a segment on must-have ‘goodies’ for healthy living. Joy spoke all about kombucha and its growing western prominence and endorsed the Tonica blend as the best in market. Take a look at the segment below to learn more about why a bottle of kombucha will improve your daily health and help counter the effects of certain indulgences in your appetite.