Bottoms up to the Kombucha Craze, The Globe & Mail Spotlights Tonica Kombucha

05, Jun. 2012

Looking for a new way to quench your thirst that also happens to cleanse your body?

Long embraced by the health-minded community, kombucha has recently been making headlines. Tonica Kombucha in particular has been grabbing the media spotlight with its appearance on Breakfast Television in April and more recently with a feature in The Food & Wine Section of The Globe & Mail. The article speaks with Tonica Kombucha founder Zoey Shamai, who in 2011 partnered with Jump to re-brand her product. After tinkering with her recipe to achieve an appealing taste, Shamai began an at-home business that has since experienced sensation growth and now distributes out of their new Toronto facility across Canada including Whole Foods. Since launching, the response to Tonica Kombucha has exceeded expectations with continued coverage and huge growth in the surging kombucha market.

Expand your horizons and see what all the buzz is about, find a store near you to grab a bottle of Tonica Kombucha on their official website and make sure to pour over a selection of Jump’s Beverage Packaging Designs.