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Healthy Planet

From modest beginnings as a bulk food retailer, to strong growth in vitamins and supplements, and finally with the addition of a juice & smoothie bar, plus prepared foods, Healthy Planet has continued to evolve and meet the changing demands of it’s loyal customer base.

Healthy Planet was looking to broaden their market reach. Their current brand and signage lacked a sense of style, and was disjointed and outdated. The existing logo with a wireframe globe and the name running over it, created complexity resulting in legibility issues, as well as increased cost in fabrication of exterior sign applications. The crux of the problem was that the existing logo and stores did not feel emotionally connected with the brand promise, ‘a better, healthier life for yourself and for the planet’.

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Healthy Planet

After being engaged by Healthy Planet, Jump began by visiting their locations and conducting interviews with key stakeholders: the owner, store managers, and various staff. Upon synthesizing the feedback, we realized that aside from being a ‘value’ offering in the market, Healthy Planet positions as more welcoming and comfortable than the competitive set. With a service style that is needs-oriented, honest, friendly, caring, and knowledgeable, these attributes certainly did not come through in the existing brand, environment, or existing signage program.

Healthy Planet

The resulting branding and signage program is friendly, approachable, and reflects the natural, organic qualities of the product selection. The new logo developed by Jump is crisp and legible with quality cues that reinforce the Healthy Planet brand as an established, credible authority for health and wellness products.

Healthy Planet

Jump’s signage program uses a bright colour palette, expressive patterns and lively fonts that bring life to the Healthy Planet’s spirit and sense of optimism. The street facing windows of the store call attention to the various boutique offerings within, and beckon pedestrian street traffic inside. To further differentiate Healthy Planet from traditional grocery/pharmacy experiences, we created a series of vendor signs woven throughout the space that provide vendors the ability to tell their individual stories and serves to further humanize the Healthy Planet brand and product selection.

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