Food That Comes From The Heart


Nestled between Casual Dining and QSR, the Fast Casual segment is an under served market overall, and specifically when it comes to Eastern Mediterranean fare. With Canadians – and specifically Millennials – eating more ethnic cuisine than ever before, the opportunity exists for an Eastern Mediterranean concept that elevates beyond fast food but offers the same speed and simplicity.  

Me Va Me exploits this gap with a menu that is focused on quality, health, customization, and convenience. We will serve the familiar flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean in a refined environment that captures the essence of the food culture of the region.


Me Va Me brings all of the bold flavour of the Eastern Mediterranean food culture to customers craving both the convenience of QSR and the quality of Casual Dining. Fast, fresh, quality, and customization are our calling cards – we will offer the best value for money in this category. Our customer demands better, in the food they eat, and the environment they shop. They are discerning and intelligent, and won’t be fooled by pretenders. Me Va Me is real, authentic, and genuine.


Like the region from which it comes, Me Va Me evokes the passion of a food culture and tradition that spans centuries.  Me Va Me invites foodies to an Eastern Mediterranean menu that will satisfy both the fast and the casual with timeless classics and fresh twists on centuries old staples. Light but hearty, authentic and contemporary, Me Va Me marries tradition with sophistication on the menu, and in the restaurant.