Extending the Showroom

Sisley Honda

Sisley for Honda is one of the highest volume Honda dealerships in Canada, having been in the automotive sales business since 1924, and selling Honda vehicles since 1977. Sisley prides itself on quality, customer satisfaction, and family, and has for 3 generations.

The team at Sisley came to us looking to redefine their showroom experience, to improve the way their customers shop at Sisley for their next vehicle. With a showroom that is just over 10 years old in a high-value are of Toronto, Sisley wasn’t looking to expand the physical footprint of their space, but rather hoped to leverage technology to expand the offering and enhance the customer experience.

We drove the process, with the goal of crossing the finish line with a welcoming showroom that takes a microwarehouse approach to showcasing their vehicle offering. The new showroom creates an enhanced customer experience through design, and adheres to the Sisley brand philosophy: “We will find the right car for you.”

Sisley HondaSisley Honda

The Sisley sales process has been re-aligned to ensure that their unique offering is defensible and connects to their customer. Since the showroom can only display a portion of the physical product and styles, we were driven to reimagine the buying experience to showcase more product using technology, so that the customer feels that Sisley has a great selection. We also put the customer behind the wheel virtually through experiential digital displays that maintain the emotional connection in the shopping experience.

Sisley HondaSisley HondaSisley Honda

In the new showroom, the curved main aisle allows the entire range of vehicles to be seen easier from the point of entry. Each vehicle has an iPad stand with custom app that delivers vehicle specifications that are drawn from a central, updateable database.

Sisley HondaSisley HondaSisley HondaSisley HondaSisley HondaSisley HondaSisley Honda