A digital new way to window shop – Augmented Reality by Total Immersion

05, Jul. 2012

The latest innovation in enhancing customer interest within your retail environment looks at digitally enhancing real world experiences. Augmented Reality takes real time, in-store environments and adds digital enhancements to enable interaction and convey extra information. The software was created by Total Immersion and has become an increasingly popular, innovative way for companies to convert casual passers-by into store customers. The surprise interactive effect captures consumer amazement and amusement, prompting them to enter the store and learn more about the available products and merchandise.

Augmented Reality beings a whole new meaning to window shopping and has been proven as a successful tool in optimizing market reach by catching and holding  consumer interest right from the street. This exciting integration of live video, in live time that creates digital scenes holds countless opportunities for companies to attract new customers. Check out the video below from Total Immersion that shows how high-end retailers like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior have have embedded Augmented Reality software into their retail environments.

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