Food Service and Hospitality Magazine examines the rise of premium burgers this barbeque season

05, Jul. 2012


Summer in Canada means the return of barbeque season! Food Service and Hospitality Magazine has commemorated the occasion with a look into the growing trend in the quick serve restaurant (QSR) category to grill up a more premium-style burger. The category makes up more than 80% of the restaurant burger market segment and what they serve up often sets the trends for at-home grilling. According to Food Service and Hospitality’s study, innovations to go more gourmet are being driven by smaller chains, like Ontario’s South St. Burger Co. Jump continues to work with South St. in the creation and evolution of their brand that remains focused on burgers made well. Their ‘better beef, better burger’ mantra represents their commitment to delicious burgers free of fillers or preservatives and that come from beef raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. The South St. brand has gone even more gourmet with their selection of premium toppings and unique relishes and mustards.

Giving an upscale spin to the traditional quick serve burger has been a catalyst for the 12% growth of burger servings amongst small chains in the past year. This effective strategy has offset the challenges of today’s restaurant market by creating a superior burger experience for discerning connoisseurs that has led to a growth in popularity among nearly every consumer demographic.

Devour the full article entitled Burger Wars on the Food Service and Hospitality website and savour over Jump’s Branding Design for South St. Burger Co.