Elsiane Album Cover by Jerome Prieur

13, Apr. 2012

Yesterday I came across a beautiful album cover by Jerome Prieur hand painted on wood. I’d love to see a larger photo of this to see the detail but this is the largest I could find. Crazy amount of detail, I can just imagine how long it must have taken.

You can see more of Jerome’s paintings here…

I’ve been following the band Elsiane since their first album came out in 2007. It’s a two member band with an unbelievable sound. You can stream the entire new album here for free…(Sweet I know)

What first drew me to the band was the album artwork for hybrid. (How can you miss it!) The entire CD booklet is so nicely done, just Google search ‘Elsiane hybrid artwork’.
Once I picked it up and threw it on my iPod (Yes at the time it was iPod), I was hooked.

You can stream the band’s first album hybrid here… (Double Bonus!)

It’s worth the time to have a look at Jerome Prieur artwork and while your at it listen to Elsiane, to me it’s mix of bjork and portishead.