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11, Apr. 2012

Golf Stats Tracker Pro in iTune Store

Introducing the iPhone Golf App – Golf Stats Tracker Pro

The pro version of our popular free iPhone golf app – The Golf Stats Tracker Lite – was released late September 2011. With the Golf Season now fast approaching, golfers from around the world are downloading our App. Developed in conjunction with PGA Master Professional, Greg Coffin of the Peak Performance Golf Schools in Florida, we have developed an app that helps golfers understand their game using stats that the Pros constantly use to improve their game. We are currently developing a third APP in our golf app series and hope to release that in the coming month. More news to follow…

Golf Stats Tracker Pro

Since its release, the golf app for iPhone has been downloaded over 600 times with a significant increase over the last three weeks. Thanks to feedback over the course of the last few months from average golfers as well as pros, we have been making improvements and have recently released updates to ensure the app is functioning well in the new iOS and ready to help golfers better understand their game with the new season ahead.

The Masters is over but there’s still lots of golf left this season

Many golfers in North America (those in the colder climates) view The Masters as the beginning of the golf season. And with a new season comes an opportunity to develop your game and ultimately score better. Having the ability to easily understand your hitting and scoring trends like the Pros will provide you the information to improve your game both on the course and on the practice range.

It is not coincidental that the Golf Stats Tracker Pro is becoming more popular among players. Momentum from the popular Lite version, introduced during the summer of 2011, validated our thoughts that a golf tracking APP can be simple, intuitive and easy to use. The clean user-friendly interface of the Golf Stats Tracker Pro APP added more features for the golfer: course reference information; course and slope rating. It easily customizes to the course that you are playing by tracking the different par for each hole and adjusts for the variations of shots required for a Par 3, 4 or 5 (i.e. you would not have a fairway in regulation on a Par 3). The stats can now filter by Par, Course and Single round of golf. The new Indexed Handicap Calculator provides the golfer with an accurate indexed handicap. A “What’s in your Bag” chart to track the clubs you have in your golf bag and your associated yardage per club are many of the enhancements made to the Golf Stats Tracker Pro APP. The golfer will be able to track all their rounds, realize their hitting trends and adjust their games accordingly.
Golf Stats Tracker Pro Screenshots

Our latest Upgrade

Enhanced performance for the golfer also meant enhancing the performance of the APP. This required improvements to the coding in order to clear memory data for better performance along with recoding the APP to be compatible with the latest iOS 5 from Apple. Prior to that, we released updates to allow the golfer to store unlimited clubs from the default 14 clubs and enhanced the filter tracking system for the stats and the Handicap calculation formula based on recommendations from the Pro.

What’s in our Bag? – Future updates

Many golfers have been asking to manage the course that they have inputted. The next update for the app will allow the user to edit a mistake entered for the title/name/rating or slope at the beginning of the game, instead of just deleting the course and starting again. We are very excited to introduce this feature very soon.

Ongoing APP development in our golfing series

Along with improving the iPhone Golf Stats Tracker Pro APP, we are close to releasing our Pocket Pro APP. This video tutorial reference library for your iPhone has hundreds of personalized video clips from Greg Coffin, PGA Master Professional, guiding the player through various fundamentals and shot specific lessons. Having this APP will be like having a personal golf coach with you showing exactly the movements required to make shots or to work on your swing fundamentals. This APP provides a sequential learning opportunity for those golfers really looking to improve their game. Another great thing about having this APP is that you can review and work on your game anywhere at anytime.

With our Peak Performance Golf APPs interface, all it takes is a tap to record or a swipe to move to the next shot. It’s that easy and please remember to turn your iPhone ringer off while on the course.

At Peak Performance Golf, our goal is simple… lower your scores which lowers your handicap!