Jump Transforms Mitutoyo Reception & Showroom

02, Feb. 2007

When Mitutoyo Canada came to Jump Branding & Design to discuss plans for a new reception area and showroom environment, the world’s largest metrology company wasn’t sure what to expect from a seemingly retail-focused branding studio. What they got, however, was a new reception area and integrated lab/showroom environment that fulfilled all of their practical requirements while becoming an inspirational space in which to receive and host their clients.

The new space welcomes staff and clients alike to Mitutoyo, and creates an atmosphere that embodies the quality of the Mitutoyo product and the dedication to service that Mitutoyo is known for in the precision measuring tool industry. The reception area creates immediate impact upon entry and impresses upon the visitor Mitutoyo’s status as an industry leader. The curved brand vision wall acts as an ambassador of the Mitutoyo brand while prominently displaying Mitutoyo products. In the showroom, the curved walls and intersecting bulkheads are a large-scale reflection of the products created by the industries that Mitutoyo serves. Clean lines, precise cues in the graphics, and dynamic lighting all serve to create an innovative and cutting edge atmosphere.

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Source: Jump Branding & Design Inc.