Jump wins PL Packaging Design award for Sobeys Organics

16, Jun. 2006

The Sobeys Organics line of packaging received top honours at the annual Private Label Buyer’s Packaging Design Awards. Sobeys worked with Jump Branding & Design to develop the design layout for the product line as well as the roll out of the design across 200 different skus. The coveted award was presented to the Organics packaging because of its fresh, new approach to promoting organic food to the mainstream. The line portrays the product as an everyday food choice using elegant and uncomplicated photography that depicts each item in a real-life food setting.

Each product submitted to the 4th annual PL Buyer’s Packaging Design Awards was evaluated on its enhancement, innovation, customer-appeal and graphic design. The Organics line was selected from over 200 entries. Jump utilized a segmental approach to the designed that allowed for a clean and organized delivery of information. The packaging was cited by judges as having “colors (that) are light and clean, which works well for the product line.” They designed the product photography to be the hero of each package using only the props needed and letting the ‘down-to-earth’ goodness of the food take centre stage.

Since its debut the Sobeys organic line of products has exceeded the sales expectations of the company and continues to add new offerings to its line-up.