New Packaging for Creemore’s Latest: Kölsch

29, Apr. 2016

The latest Creemore Springs can and carton has hit the shelf, this one again featuring a package design by the good folks here at Jump. Creemore’s Kölsch Style Ale is the latest seasonal ale released by Creemore.

As true Kölsch ale can only be brewed in Cologne, Germany, this brew by Creemore is in the Kölsch style, employing the same ingredients and recipe as a Cologne Brauhaus might use. Characteristically fruity in flavour and straw blonde in colour, Kölsch are subtle and delicate with a crisp, clean finish. It is a truly sessionable, lighter, summer beer, weighing in at 4.7% alc./vol.

The Kölsch package design is in the same framework we developed for the other beers in the Creemore Springs family, with the main difference being the illustration in the centre of the design. We were responsible for designing the packaging and the Kölsch word mark. The illustration is by Keith Witmer, and the scene looks out the window of a German pub at the Cologne Cathedral, with the table in the foreground capped with a traditional serving tray featuring a heady Kölsch beer served in straight-sided, narrow Stange glasses. These glasses are symbolic of the Kölsch beer drinking experience, and help keep the beer fresh and retain carbonation.

We developed both can and bottle labels, as well as an 8-pack carton, and modifications to the existing multi-packs to accommodate the addition of Kölsch. It is available in the LCBO until July.