Bombay Street Food Opens on Bay Street

10, May. 2016

A new restaurant concept opens its doors today in Toronto, and as we always do when one of our own is unveiled, we watch and wait with a mix of pride, fear, and excitement to see it spread its wings and take flight. Bombay Street Food officially opens today on Bay Street in Toronto.


Sometimes you meet people who exude a warmth so radiant that you can’t help but be drawn to it, and to them. When Amreen and Seema Omar approached us with an idea to turn their food stall at the East York Farmer’s Market into a modern Indian street food concept in the heart of Toronto, we knew we just couldn’t say no. Thus began a wonderful working relationship, and the origins of the Bombay Street Food brand.

Bombay Street Food - Photo Wall

The two sisters-in-law share a special family bond that binds them together, and yet in developing this concept they have shared so much with us; from time-honoured family recipes to photographs of them as children with their families, all in the spirit of recreating the sights, sounds, and smells of the Irani and Parsi cafés of old Bombay. A shared trip to Mumbai was the experience of a lifetime, and immersed us in the culture and vibrancy of the old city.

Bombay Street Food - The best is yet to come sign

The opening of Bombay Street Food today is the end of one journey – a journey that has seen new friendships forged, lives enriched, and experiences lived – and the beginning of a new one, the chapters of which have not yet been written. For now, though, we celebrate the opening of Bombay Street Food, and we hope that we have done enough to capture the heart and soul of old Bombay and its vibrant street culture in this exciting new restaurant concept.

Experience Bombay Street Food.