South St. Burger Co. creates a buzz with our website refresh.

29, Mar. 2010

At South St. Burger Co. every item on the menu is designed to be “Best in Category” – offering not only top quality ingredients, but the best taste as well. Our latest refresh of the South St. website helps the customer clearly understand this point of difference.

From naturally raised, 100% pure beef to fresh cut onion rings, serving real food with outstanding flavour is what sets South St. Burger Co. apart. To date, we have helped South St. launch 12 locations, and South St. Burger Co. is more focused than ever on ingredient quality, simple cooking methods, the customer experience and their obligation to operate responsibly and conscientiously. South St. Burger Co. is involved in each step of the process, from “farm to fork” to ensure that their mandate is fulfilled.

South St. Burger Co. believes that better beef really does make better burgers; that’s why they buy their beef from small co-op farms that practice conscientious and natural farming. The beef has no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or filler. And, like the fries, these patties are fresh, not frozen. They are flame grilled and made to order giving them a juicy, home-made taste, and served on your choice of regular or whole wheat bun, which are baked locally and delivered daily. But it’s the company’s vast selection of toppings that truly makes it stand out. With a variety of real cheeses and over 25 free condiments, including unusual items like guacamole, wasabi mayo and mango chutney – your burger will be unique and outstanding.

For the complete South St. experience, add an order of New York Fries, signature poutine, or onion rings. All are hand made in-store from fresh ingredients and cooked in trans fat free sunflower oil. Hand-scooped milkshakes are made with premium ice cream from a local dairy. Side orders are treated with the same respect as the burger. Because of this, South St. Burger Co. believes it is unmatched in the Canadian burger business.

Telling customers about the food is only half the story.
When you eat at South St. Burger Co., you’ll get more than just good food — you’ll get a good feeling, too. Here’s a sample of the areas they impact:

  • They use 100% clean, renewable electricity for five of their stores from Bullfrog PowerTM, reducing their stores’ environmental impact.
  • Purchase local ingredients. Their beef, buns, potatoes, chicken, cheeses and ice cream, are all purchased locally; reducing their carbon footprint and supporting local farms and businesses.
  • Employ grill hoods with high technology heat exchange ventilation systems so their heating requirements are reduced by more than 300 cubic meters of gas per month, with a carbon savings of 6.84 tonnes per year, per store.
  • Use LED bulbs as 50% of their store lighting requirements, saving 4,400 KwH annually and reduces carbon emissions by 1 tonne, per store, per year.
  • Use environmentally friendly, non toxic cleaning products and post-consumer recycled paper products wherever possible and practical.
  • Changed to air-cooled ice makers from water-cooled ice makers eliminating 2,600 litres of water per day or 950,000 litres (950 m3) in a year, per unit.
  • Installed a solar-powered water heater and solar electric panels in 2 restaurants so far, with plans to add more.
  • South St. Burger Co. is committed to its support of both local and international charities and to continuing their efforts to reduce their footprint on the environment.

So while we have been busy designing their restaurants and shaping the customer experience, the folks at South St. have been working hard to deliver best in category food and limit their impact on the environment. Check it out at