South St. Burger Co. continues to be right on trend

29, Aug. 2012

Recent studies from Technomic, the leading research firm servicing the food industry, reveal that fast-casual burger chains continue to be on the rise throughout North America. While the limited-service burger segment has long been the largest menu segment in terms of revenue within the restaurant industry, it has historically been driven almost exclusively by fast-food giants such as McDonalds. Today, however, a large portion of the market is being held by a growing number of ‘better burger’ concepts like Ontario’s South St. Burger Co. The report also illustrates how a number of quick service (QSR) chains have bumped up the quality of their burgers as more and more customers place a premium on the quality of their food. The customization component of this limited service entry is further becoming an integral part in attracting a larger market, with more and more demographics looking to serve themselves with a greater number of topping options.

‘Upscaling’ the burger experience has been a staple of the South St. Brand since their first location opened in 2005. Jump continues to work with South St. in the creation and evolution of their premium burger brand. As the study highlights, sticking to a beloved and basic menu creates a winning formula, while elevating the quality of the patty, bun, toppings and sides can further a restaurant’s success. South St.’s ‘better beef, better burgers’ mantra represents their commitment to delicious burgers free of antibiotics or hormones. Their selection of premium toppings and unique relishes and mustards has proven further successful in cementing the company’s reputation as a premium burger destination. South St. has taken the initiative to elevate their environmental retail spaces as well to align with their cooking philosophy and superior product. SSBC locations are designed not only to meet high levels of taste, but furthermore sustainability with their Bayview Village location now holding LEED Certification from the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC). This marks the first time a burger chain in Ontario has received this designation.

If you’re hungry for more insight into the latest trends in the food industry, take a bite out of Technomic’s website, and be sure to fill up on Jump’s branding programs, including our work with South St. Burger Co.