Trending Hashtags

12, Mar. 2015

You’ve probably seen it by now. Those ‘silly’ trending hashtags like #4wordsthatmakearelationship or #GoodAdvicein4words on Twitter.

Then you see a bunch of brands tweet an answer and ride that tidal wave of popularity (favourites/retweets) for as long as they can.
But is it helping or hurting their reputation?

IMO, as a social community manager… it depends. While the author clearly has distain for unoriginal tweets, there are opportunities for inspiration and uniqueness. If you can come with a quick witted and original tweet, then more power to your brand. Take the Oreo superbowl blackout tweet for instance: one of the best timed, original and executed reactions to something that millions of people were seeing/ experiencing.

To tweet or not to tweet a trending hashtag… that is the question.
What are your thoughts?

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