We’re Looking for Free Agents

03, Mar. 2009

As the NHL trade deadline approaches today, I couldn’t help but think about our current hiring needs, and wonder what the design industry would be like if we were to operate under the same rules and regs that pro hockey teams do.

That being said, we’re currently looking for both an environmental designer and a web developer/IT support technician to join our team…you can find out more about these opportunities on our Careers page.

For the web/IT position, we’re looking more to build through the draft, but the environmental position requires a more seasoned talent that has either been recently placed on waivers, is an outright free agent, or is currently under contract without the encumbrance of a no-trade clause. Unlike the NHL, we don’t have to make any deals by 3:00pm today, but we do need help sooner rather than later…playoffs are approaching. Actually, the reality in our industry is that every project is a seven-game series…there’s no cushy 84-game regular season here. There’s no summer layoff either, but I suppose we could let you take a vacation here and there. What you will get is an opportunity to play for a legitimate contender, on a team that is always competitive. You’ll play with other great talents who will make you better, as you will them.

So we’ll watch the NHL trading today with interest, but of more interest will be those looking to join our team. Do you have the right stuff?