Get Your Garden On. Line.

02, Jun. 2016

Spring has sprung (heck, it’s almost summer!), and we celebrated it last week with the launch of the new Garden Gallery website. The site is only the latest part of a larger rebranding project we’ve been engaged in with our friends at Garden Gallery since 2013, and has seen us overhaul their print materials and store environment.

What do we love about the website? Visually, the images. We’ve used the same shots we have been developing over the years for their flyer (calling it a flyer is an insult really…it’s a beautiful magazine), and brought them to life full-size on whatever screen you’re viewing it on. Because, of course, it’s responsive, so no matter where and when and on what device you need to get your flower fix, we’re bringing bold colour and vibrant photos to life for you in full, retina-display resolution. Strategically, we love that we’ve been able to give individuality to the Garden Gallery stores, underneath the Garden Gallery brand umbrella, and redesign the navigation to put the user experience first.

You can read all about the website project, and the other projects we’ve completed at our Garden Gallery case study page, but don’t waste a beautiful spring day on that (save that for a rainy day). Instead, head on over to the Garden Gallery website and get gardening!