Bier Markt & Mill St., St. John's

Bier Markt

When two beer focused brands wanted to brew up a new experience together on the shores of St.John’s in two individual yet cohesive spaces, we knew we were up for the challenge.The result is a warm, vibrant space where every guest feels immersed in the brewing process even while they sit back and enjoy the finished product. The sights, sounds and smells envelop the guest as they are immersed into the brewing process. Although this is a restaurant with an eatery within the brew house, this space is open and all about beer. Mill St. beer.

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Bier Markt

The Brew Pub is located in a Bier Markt restaurant. Both designed and build together. It is a working brewery producing the beer for consumption in the restaurant and take home. Guests are dining right in the brewery surrounded by stainless steel tanks on both sides and a designated Brewmaster onsite.

Bier Markt

This brewery is active, providing the experience of the brewing process. There is no glass separating the patrons from the tanks. We wanted to bring the guest as close to the process as was safely allowed. Having the Bright tanks as the backdrop to the bar counter and communal tables backing on to the tanks further emphasizes the beer made on-site message. Copper piping leading from the Bright tanks to the Draught towers continue to highlight the freshness and made on-site cues while also adding to the decor.

Bier Markt

We faced the challenge of joining these two brands in one space while still maintaining an individual brand presence head on. The red color featured in both logos was a natural link between the two brands. The opportunity to use it in signature ways for each brand is what makes it more meaningful.

Bier Markt

Bier Markt through the use of soft material upholstery and Mill St. thru the signature use of decorative glazed tiles on the bar counter and other red highlights throughout. Artwork plays a significant role in the Bier Markt while the theatre of the brewing process is the gallery. Exposed brick is prominent throughout and the light splits between nautical industrial for Mill St. and decorative for Bier Markt.

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