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Canadian Tire - Golfgreen

The Golfgreen brand has been a mainstay of the lawn and garden sector in Canada for decades. When Canadian Tire purchased the Golfgreen brand from CIL, they recognized the need to give the packaging a more modern, progressive look to keep pace with other leading garden brands.



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Canadian Tire - Golfgreen

The initiative was a complex once because of the number of line extensions and product variations. They turned to Jump to establish a design architecture that would work across all varieties and packaging formats.

Canadian Tire - Golfgreen

We began our exploration on the base product line of seeds and fertilizers. It was understood that the equity established in the Golfgreen logo needed to be maintained. We developed an architecture that featured a one-third / two-thirds balance of imagery to information, while still featuring the Golfgreen flag that was such a widely recognized mark. The number of graphic elements and badges was streamlined to create a more simplified and organized design that delivered the information that was important to the consumer. As well, a colour coding system was incorporated that enabled clear distinction between the product varieties to make the shelf set easy to shop.

Canadian Tire - GolfgreenCanadian Tire - GolfgreenCanadian Tire - Golfgreen

The architecture was then adapted to the Organic, 1-Step and Nitrogrow varieties, creating a family of products with distinctly communicated benefits between each line. Sub-brand logos were developed that would live underneath the Golfgreen brand umbrella. The Nitrogrow line, was Canadian Tire’s new innovative addition to the brand that featured nitrogen-enhanced coated seeds and fertilizers that were designed to deliver a longer, greener lawn and garden. Jump first developed the sub-brand name Nitrogrow to embody this more advanced offering. The logo and package were then developed against a foil substrate to create a more premium feel. With each variety including a technical illustration of the seed or fertilizer enveloped in the nitrogen-rich casing, the package design captures the science and technology that has gone into the innovative sub-brand.

Canadian Tire - GolfgreenCanadian Tire - GolfgreenCanadian Tire - GolfgreenCanadian Tire - Golfgreen

With the packaging refresh, Canadian Tire is has made the Golfgreen brand the pillar of their lawn and garden offering. The new packaging was launched in the spring of 2019.

Canadian Tire - Golfgreen