Exciting new Yogen Fruz installations-Worldwide

08, Sep. 2010

Yogen Fruz continues to develop new store locations globally at a great pace. The initial evolution of the brand and store assets three years ago by Jump Branding & Design Inc. has led to many installations globally. Jump has been a part of many of these directly but also through the use of the online brand asset resource (BrandStandards.ca), we feel that we are connected with every project. It is always exciting to see how the design is interpreted globally based on regional needs, cultural influences and how the designers grow the brand based on the critical elements of the brand and the design tenets as outlined in the BrandStandards. For more information on how BrandStandards.ca can help your brand maintain consistency.

Here is an example of three installations that have been recently completed and opened to strong positive reactions. These installations include; Vietnam, Dubai, Brazil and Calgary. Yah we know Calgary isn’t too far from the Yogen Fruz head office but it is great to see this longstanding food court brand in Canada continue to evolve here as well. In fact, watch for two more Western Canada installations over the next months!