Facebook ‘Friends’ Ad Campaign target Torontonians

26, Feb. 2015

It appears that we in Toronto and a select few locations (Vancouver and the UK) are acting as the testing grounds for Facebook’s new ‘Friends’ Ad campaign.

In appeasing to our emotions, Facebook is attempting to strengthen the role it has in creating or preserving bonds via their social platform.
While some speculate that it is losing a foothold with younger demographics (13-17 year olds), its financial reports show a different story. The Toronto Star article states that revenue “in 2014 was over $12 billion, an increase of 58 per cent year-over-year, with net income of close to $3 billion for the year.”

The driving force? Many 35-54 year olds are using the service now. (56 million in 2014 vs 39.5 million).
Make what you will of the numbers — but if you’re a Facebook user and have seen the campaigns… what are your thoughts? Do they have an authentic sentiment that you can relate to? Or do you think it’s a cheesy or desperate campaign strategy?

Read the article and let me know your thoughts!