The Financial Times spotlights the incredible expansion of Yogurty’s

06, Jul. 2012

It wasn’t too long ago that Yogurty’s opened its first Jump-designed location. Yet just over a year later, the chain has become synonymous with self-serve froyo throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. The Markham, Ontario based company has expanded rapidly in order to capitalize on the growing demand for the latest dessert craze. Unlike the frozen yogurt brands of the past, that focused primarily on in-mall kiosk locations, Yogurty’s is leading the way for the newest wave of stores that are designed to be accessible from the streets as a place to gather – creating a neighbourhood destination.

The Financial Post recently highlighted the expansion of the brand and the opening of its first franchise location. Yogurty’s currently has plans to open a new store every 15 days. Looking to expand to the rest of Canada and internationally, the brand has already opened two locations in Mexico with stores in Costa Rica and The United Arab Emirates on the horizon.

Yogurty’s differentiates itself by using a locally sourced, probiotic, gluten-free and low calorie product that appeals to health conscious consumers. Jump was brought on board for the branding to create fun-loving designs appropriate to the product that would emulate the customer’s own experience of topping their frozen yogurt. Part of the success of the brand has been this fun loving approach that appeals broadly. The strategy overall captures the fun and entertainment of the frozen yogurt offering and the selection of toppings. The result is a brand that everyone can find an attachment to, visually and through the self-serve product experience.

Yogurty’s continues to one-up the competition through their innovative approach to continuously improving their froyo by incorporating new flavours, including their latest flavour Greek Yogurt.

Grab a bigger spoonful with The Financial Post’s full serving of Yogurty’s and be sure to top off your knowledge of Jump’s latest Branding Design programs.