Staying ahead of Facebook changes – Facebook Graph Search

26, Feb. 2013

Introducing Facebook Graph – a still under development project the social network is implementing to improve how users search for businesses and one another. Facebook currently has a beta version of the feature users can sign up to test. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear Facebook Graph search will become one of the primary ways consumers find brand information in the near future.

While we await a full-scale launch, here are 4 things you can do now to get your Facebook page ready for Facebook Graph:

1. Choose the best category for your business and keyword optimize your page’s about section.

Since people can search places by “place type”, the place, music, book and movie pages are the most popular. For now however, the subcategories you select don’t have to correspond to the place type. So if your subcategories appear to be listing more often than your chosen category, you may want to switch them around so that your business shows up more often in search results. It is also important to complete your “about us” section and make sure to include main keywords. If you are in the process of setting up your page, incorporate the keywords in your page name itself. As your Facebook page will be indexed by Google, with the right keywords your business will be found on both Facebook and Google search.

2. Promote check-ins.

With the “Social Proof” feature, people can search for the places that their friends have been to. So ask your customers to check into your place when they are there to maximize your exposure to their friends.

3. Claim your place

Everyone with a phone can create a Place page. So as soon as you can, claim your page to take advantage of the check-ins. It will also prevent someone else mistakenly creating the page, which will end up costing you time and resources in the future gaining back the ownership of the page.

4. Promote Photo Tags and Likes.

Photos come up quite frequently in Facebook Graph search results. Your business may come up when people search their friend’s photos. Encourage your customers to tag themselves to photos from your page that they are in. Remember that your customer can’t tag your business page.

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