We’re foodies first. Photographers a close second.

We work with established restauranteurs to develop compelling food shots that inspire customers to trial. After years of art directing some of the restaurant industries’ most recognizable food photography, we knew that there was an unfulfilled space in the marketplace for Jumpshot. As foodies we intuitively know how to prop and style dishes in a way that is both artful and functional. With a background in the development of restaurant brands and interiors, we instinctively look to connect the food settings and style with the vibe of the actual restaurant, making the photography authentic and on-brand. We know that your food needs to be the Hero of your concept, and that iconic photos become the strongest call to action. In a saturated restaurant marketplace you can’t afford to have your food photography just ‘blend-in’, it needs to ‘stand-out’. When it comes to menu boards, it’s your chance for great story telling and to attract the eye from a distance. Our motion-graphics team can bring a menu to life through the use of either still or video captures, and the animation of elements that attract the eye. Menu take-overs allow us to tell various brand stories in a way that is disruptive and powerful. In our studio we can set up complex shots and have ultimate control of the lighting. On site at your restaurant we can capture the energy of the kitchen, cooking, plating, service, and the restaurant setting. We are friendly, approachable, unpretentious, and ready to jump into every opportunity. Let’s shoot together soon!

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